A unique strategist!

I quickly identify key core challenges, create unconventionally unique strategies to overcome those challenges, and help you cultivate the characteristics and qualities you need to execute those strategies.

What makes me a good Strategist?

I believe that uncommon strategies are inherently more impactful and successful in the long run. That makes me an outlier to traditional methodologies and thinking. 

I have the ability to set aside external pressures, current opinions, changing attitudes, and even personal prejudices when creating custom strategies. That means that I am unencumbered by the conventional things that hold most people back from bold new ideas. The creative use of common sense, intuition, and critical thinking gives me the unique ability to discover uncommon truths that others may miss. 

I can quickly make decisions without being scared of the unknown, and deliberately avoid mundane matters. That means I can focus on a larger more complex strategy without the usual fear and distraction that holds some people back.

I am internally wired to create unusual strategies that outperform conventional wisdoms, and I believe that great strategy must always interact with, and understand people and their motivations. 

All of this means that I can deliver a unique mix of value, by deliberately choosing unorthodox, difficult, and different activities.